Functional Capacity Evaluations To Understand Your Physical Potential

Discover your physical capabilities, prevent injuries, or safely return to work through our functional capacity evaluations.

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Learn about your physical capabilities with functional capacity evaluations (FCE)

We offer comprehensive functional capacity evaluations (FCE) and specialized return-to-work programs designed to assess and assist workers in their journey back to the workplace.

  • Assessment worker readiness for returning to work after medical leave using FCE, ensuring their safety and well-being.
  • Identification and implementation of necessary modifications, including ergonomic measures, to accommodate returning workers and improve their work routines.
  • Gradual return-to-work programs designed for physically demanding roles. This enables workers to progressively handle maximum task loads while minimizing the risk of injury or strain.

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SPORT Physiotherapy & Wellness NYC is a sports physiotherapy clinic in New York that offers functional capacity evaluations across Manhattan, Upper East Side, Chelsea, Flatiron District, and the surrounding areas.